1970 GMC Pickup Truck SOLD

sold  1970 gmc truck featured

For Sale – Asking Price $16,000.00

This classic 1970 GMC Pickup Truck is being kept in the collection as the Barn Finds shop truck.

You often have to go south to find a truck in this condition, but this one is an Ontario sold truck and has been here ever since.  The history on this truck shows it being used as a car more than a pick-up truck.  It has always been garage kept and never winter driven. During the summer months you will find this 1970 GMC Pickup Truck out looking for classic vehicles to be restored.

Update: This 1970 GMC Pickup Truck has undergone a major transformation an is now for sale. Read about the changes, and take a look at the new pictures here http://barnfinds.ca/custom-pickup-truck/

For more info contact larry@barnfinds.ca


  1. says

    We have sent the truck to be painted with a silver center and roof, to match the wheels. Once the truck is painted we will send it out to be lettered for advertising. Watch for up dates and progress pic’s to come.

    • says

      Hey Jim,
      Have you been peeking in my windows? Your right !!!!!! The pic’s will be up before the end of the week. This truck has come along way in such a short time.

      NO more window shopping from you Sir. lol

    • says

      Hi Chris,
      I have sent you a detailed email with regards to how this truck was built and what I’m asking for it. We use this truck as a shop truck, although if I were to get all I have invested in it I would let it go as I could use a heavier truck for hauling cars on a trailer.

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