1969 Mustang Fastback

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Here we have a 1969 Mustang Fast Back that was brought up from Arizona in 2010.  The car was originally a six cylinder engine with an automatic three speed transmission. It is believed to have had a transplant with the present 351 Windsor engine some twenty years ago when the body was also changed to the Mach 1 body and interior style.  Today the car is fitted with a rebuilt 351 Windsor with a 5 speed manual transmission.


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      It is, but we have just sent it to the paint shop for a winter make over. It will come out in the spring and be back on the block for sale. The first bit of trim comes off this weekend as we get ready for paint. You would have to act very fast on this one if you were at all serious.

      Get in touch with me if you would like to know more about this car and the asking price.

      Best Regards,

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