1951 Chevrolet Pick Up Truck – Sold

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1951 Chevrolet Pick Up Truck

This truck has been SOLD

For those of you who are always searching for that Barn Find vehicle, let me explain that there are just as many finds in fields, garages, and even tucked away in a warehouse of a manufacturing facility.

Here at Barn Finds we have come across a 1951 Chevrolet 1300 Pick up Truck. This truck has undergone two major restorations since new. The first attempt at restoring this beauty was in 1985, with the second in 2000. The vehicle was purchase in 1999 and quickly started the second restoration which took well over a year to complete. In late 2000, the truck was entered in some local shows where it did very well. The Chevy pick up truck was built more for the enjoyment of the present owner who took it out for a short drive on a sunny day. To protect the finish on this truck a custom cover was made and put in place when ever the truck returned from an outing.

As it turned out, the owner of the truck was distracted with the day to day operations of his business, and the truck started to have very little use as the years went on. In fact the last year the truck was plated was in 2006. This little gem has sat in the corner of a warehouse just waiting to be taken out to see the sun light and feel the road again. As the owner still has respect for his truck and hard work that went into it, he regularly started the truck and moved it around inside the warehouse.

It took some negotiating and many phone calls back and forth before we were invited to see the truck without the cover. If you have ever tried to negotiate with someone who has owned a vehicle for over 20 years, not to mention restoring it to the condition we see today, I tell you, it was both a proud and sad moment as he continued to explain the work that was done restoring the truck.

A few days had past, the phone rang and we continued to discuss the sale of the truck. As it turned out Barn Finds has taken delivery of this Beautiful 1951 Chevrolet Truck.

We intend to service the Chevy Pick Up Truck in our shop with all fluids being replaced. The truck will under go a complete check up to make sure all mechanical is in the best working order before listing it in our Barn Finds For Sale Section.


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      I have 2 of those dogs, and NO they can’t go with the truck if you purchase it. BUT yes they do go with you when you test drive it, to make sure you come back. lol

      Book your test drive early as we expect this truck to move quickly.

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    Thanks for asking about the interior pictures and engine bay shots. I will get these up on my site tomorrow (Saturday Dec. 24th). I will have to get my truck off the lift in the shop to take them. Not a problem though.

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    As some of you may know, this truck has been sold.

    There was a lot of interest in this truck when we listed it in our for sale section. At the time of placing our first ad we thought that we might accept offers to trade another vehicle, therefore we mentioned in our ad that we would consider a trade. It was exciting to see what others had to trade, some would offer cash with their trade as well others would ask for cash on the deal.

    As we had two offers coming at the same time we accepted the offer to a Niagara business man who will use this truck as a promotional vehicle which will allow may people the opportunity to see this truck in that area.

    I do believe the truck will sport some company advertising and when it does I will ask the new owner to send up some pictures to post on our site.

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